Nail SPA Care & Treatment

Carefully selected products for SPA-like treatment without leaving home

Stengthen your nails

Use Wild&Mild Hard Rock Nails to artificially harden and create a protective coat on your nail plate. Regular protection from external damages helps to grow and strengthen your natural nails. 

TIP! Hard Rock Nails can also be used as a base coat!

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Vital Force

Enrich your nails with Wild&Mild Vital Force 5-vitamin complex and 5 botanical extracts. Hydrating, anti-oxydizing, keratin-boosting, nourishing, revitalizing and brightening effect on nails.

Literally all-in-one solution for nail repair and revive.

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Ultimate Rescue

The perfect solution to revive gel damaged nails. Gel damage is caused by wrong gel removal techniques and is very common. Luckily the nails grow back in time, but to fasten the process, Ultimate Rescue comes to the rescue!

Secret nail rehab for gel damaged nails.

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Nail Beauty Oil

Maximum effect in revitalizing and nourishing your nails and stop the brittleness and splitting of dry, rough nail plates.

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