Nail art

Stamping Nail Art Set and Plates

Achieve amazing nail art at home without spending time and money at a nail salon. You don't have to take design courses and work on your hand skills, instead grab the stamper, pick your design, and be your own Picasso. No drawing or painting skill needed, just stamp and transfer!


  • Soft rubber stamper for easy pick up and transfer the design
  • Over 20 design plates with various interesting designs available in the current assortment
  • Metal stamping plates are reusable and easy to clean


Step 1. Apply base coat or/and regular nail polish to your nails and let it dry.
Step 2. Remove the plastic film protector from the image plate before first use.
Step 3. Apply the nail polish over the desired design on a plate.
Step 4. Hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle to scrape off excess nail polish.
Step 5. Quickly press the stamper onto the plate to pick up the design.
Step 6. Stamp the image onto your nail by either pressing down or by using a gentle rolling motion.