Nail art

Glamorous Nail Art Decorations

The new type of glamorous Wild&Mild nail rhinestones and nail art decorations for natural and artificial nails. With these decorations, you can customize your nails and create your own style. Choose your favorites and wear them all day every day. Only your imagination will be the limit.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Can be used with nail polish, UV-gel, acrylic nails, artificial nails and also to decorate other items
  • Different rhinestones and nail art stickers in various sizes and shapes on one sheet


Step 1. Wash your hands and dry completely
Step 2. If desired apply your favorite nail polish and let it dry before applying the decorations
Step 3. Take off a rhinestone or decoration from the sheet with tweezers
Step 4. Put the selected rhinestone or decoration on your nail and press softly