UV Gel Polish System


The fast and safe way for you to cure gel coating in around 30 seconds. LED lamps are considered to be the best way to cure gel polish, therefore grab one and let it assist you in your treatment. Make your home a nail salon and be the professional manicurist-manager. Set the lamp on your table and start your gel polish session! The lamp is powered by USB cable and by curing for four fingers at a time you can easily set your records in quickly curing your gel nails!


  • Timer function 30s/60s
  • Support legs for convenient use
  • A USB cable for power
  • Work on 4 fingers at a time


Step 1. Place your nails under the light in a 5cm distance from the lamp.
Step 2. Hold and cure the coating for 30 seconds and turn off the lamp.
Step 3. Use only as directed.

Warning! Do not point LED light on the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. This lamp should not be used by individuals who have sensitivity or contraindications to sunlight. Avoid using if your skin is sunburned or damaged. Keep the lamp from direct sunlight.