Nail art


Glamorous Nail Art Decorations

The new type of glamorous Wild&Mild nail rhinestones and nail art decorations for natural and artificial nails. With these decorations, you can customize your nails and create your own style. Choose your favorites and wear them all day every day. Only your imagination will be the limit.


Stamping Nail Art Set and Plates

Achieve amazing nail art at home without spending time and money at a nail salon. You don't have to take design courses and work on your hand skills, instead grab the stamper, pick your design, and be your own Picasso. No drawing or painting skill needed, just stamp and transfer!


Ultimate Rescue 12ml

Despite gel nails saving extraordinary amounts of time in daily polish treatments and giving you the "always perfect" look, having damage from gel nails removal is a reality and frequently ignored problem. Using wrong removal tools and techniques can easily ruin nails, and of course nobody wants this to happen, but unfortunately, this is quite common. We are still lucky for nails growing back, just like hair! Give your nails a break once in a while and quickly restore their health after damage from improper application or removal of gel polish with our Ultimate Rescue - Gel Damage Nail Rehab.


Chrome Effect Nail Polish 12ml

Some things cannot be ignored. Our Wild&Mild Chrome Effect nail polish is something that will not be unnoticed. The six metallic shades will provide jealous eyes even from the strongest self-controlled women. Men…and metal is a topic that has attracted senses since ancient times, so women wearing the Chrome Effect nail polish gets all the attention. You came! You saw it! You won! Simple isn’t it!






Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free 100ml

Acetone free Wild&Mild Nail Polish is perfect for more sensitive and fragile nails because it doesn't dry your fingertips and nails as much as acetone removers. Use it the same way as any other remover and remove nail polish and clean your nails with ease.



The fast and safe way for you to cure gel coating in around 30 seconds. LED lamps are considered to be the best way to cure gel polish, therefore grab one and let it assist you in your treatment. Make your home a nail salon and be the professional manicurist-manager. Set the lamp on your table and start your gel polish session! The lamp is powered by USB cable and by curing for four fingers at a time you can easily set your records in quickly curing your gel nails!