Extending the quality

All of Wild&Mild products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic*. High-quality doesn’t just mean the right ingredients; it means an excellent overall nail polish that does everything it has promised and even more.

*12-free; fully compliant with EU cosmetics regulations so that you can feel safe

Making better blends

At Wild&Mild, we’re all about creating unique blends of colours and accessories that can be combined to create millions of nail designs. With our vast selection, you can experience the best that nail care has to offer and unleash your creativity. Let your imagination run wild and discover your perfect match

Sustainable and eco-friendly

We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly brand and we’re honoured to keep paving the way for high-quality nail products which are safe to use and free of toxic, ineffective fillers.

Accessible beauty

Focusing on accessibility we aim to offer the best price-to-quality products without you ever thinking twice whether to go classic red or glittery funky today

Salon quality UV gel nails at home

No need to waste time and money on the salon service. High-quality long-lasting uv gel polish specially created for non-professionals for easy and seamless application.

W&M bio

Next generation BIO nail polish

Effectively minimises the harmful impact of the nature and keeps its environmental footprint small. Up to 83% of ingredients are bio-derived from wheat, sugarcane, manioc and corn.


Redefining the beauty of nails & eyes

Truly diverse selection of beauty accessories with nail polish shades and effects for every style and every mind. Make a selection from our wide collection and you’ll be guaranteed a look that you’ve always desired. Wild&Mild® products will boost your natural beauty and will guarantee the right quality at an affordable price range.

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