All Wild&Mild products are vegan-friendly with no animal-derived ingredients and cruelty free – no animals are hurt in product manufacturing. Raw materials used in production are certified and are in compliance with European regulations EEC, USA (FDA), Japan and China. All products available are tested for safety and this has been the utmost importance of Wild&Mild from the beginning.

Wild&Mild brand was born and is produced in Europe, Estonia. During 10 years due to good quality, affordable pricing and very loyal customers we have reached international level with rapid expanding rate.

We have high standards on take of social responsibility and successful SMETA audit has been conducted on our production facilities and we follow the ETI Base Code guidelines based on ILO convention.

Wild&Mild nail polishes have been developed to last as long as possible to take off the burden of re-applying the nail polish too often.

Usual wear time of our different line of nail polishes is around 2-7 days (depending on the shade, effect and color).

UV Gel nail polish can last up to 14 days.

Very important to know! Nail polish wear time is very strongly related to your natural nail health and properties. Some nails just don’t grip nail polish as good and can be naturally oily or too soft or broken, which drastically reduce wear time.


All the orders arriving before 15:00 are picked, packed and dispatched the same day. Orders arriving later than 15:00 are dispatched the next day.

Transportation time in Estonia 2-8 business days.
EU transportation time 2-14 days.

Wild&Mild products are currently only shipped to EU countries. If you’re interested in shipment outside EU, then please contact us directly.

Shipping cost is calculated based on the shipping destination and will be shown in checkout before finalizing the purchase.

Delivery address can be changed under My Account -> Addresses -> Shipment Address or in the checkout process.

Shipments can be tracked using a tracking code provided to you on email after completing the purchase. Enter the tracking code on your account. If there are any questions about tracking then please contact us directly.


Wild&Mild products are sold online at wildandmild.eu and can also be purchased from major retail stores in Estonia and Finland. To find the nearest store to you, contact us directly and we’ll help you.

Coupons are sent to loyal customers and distributed during campaigns. Each coupon can only be used once. To use the coupon insert the coupon code into a field in the cart or checkout process.

To complete the purchase you don’t have to register, but we recommend to register for regular purchases. Registered users can see their order history, track their shipments and receive random discount coupons for being a loyal fans :).

Your personal data is used for order fulfilment, better customer experience and marketing services. Read more about Privacy Policy.


If your purchased product has arrived broken or defective, then please let us know at info@careria.com. We always try do deliver products safely and in working order, but everything can happen even with the best of us :). Don’t worry, we will find a solution.

If you purchased one of our products that does not match your needs and you really-really think that it was a waste of money, give us a notice. We like to understand what we can do better next time :).

Please read about the return process from the Terms of Sales.


We will open an online bulk ordering section as soon as possible.

Meanwhile for any inquires about our products contact us directly at info@careria.ee.

If Wild&Mild products caught your eye and you are interested in distributing them through your well established network in any part of the world – contact us directly and we will provide you with more information about us and our products.

Be one of the firsts to promote Wild&Mild products in your own community (EU countries).

Depending on the size and the nature of your followers, we will establish a working collaboration with the following ranges:

Small 100-500: Free Wild&Mild Products and promotion on Wild&Mild Beauty social media pages.

Medium 500-5000: Discussed paid partnership with promotion on Wild&Mild Beauty social media pages.

Large 5000+: Discussed paid partnership with promotion on Wild&Mild Beauty social media pages.

Please contact us so we can discuss.