Brand Story

Colorful Beginnings: Crafting Your Tale

Step into the vibrant world of  Wild&Mild, where every nail polish shade is a chapter of your personal story  waiting to be written. Here, we understand that some days you wake up ready to  conquer the world – your fingers should be dressed for the occasion. And on days  when you seek peace and comfort, let our gentle hues hold your hand. Our range is  as diverse as the roles you play, making sure you have the perfect color for every  scene in your life.

Dynamic Duos: The Wild&Mild Way

Imagine two friends, each with  their own style and dreams, walking side by side through every adventure life  throws their way. Wild&Mild brings this partnership to life with colors that  represent the thrill-seeker in you, ready to explore, and the homebody, finding joy  in the simple comforts. It’s your dynamic story – sometimes wild, sometimes mild,  but always you.

Beauty with a Conscience: Our Green Promise

When you choose  Wild&Mild, you choose beauty that gives back to the planet. We’re not just about  looking good on the outside; we’re about feeling good on the inside. Our  commitment to the environment is woven into every product we create, from earth friendly ingredients to packaging that cares. Embrace beauty that’s as kind to the  earth as it is to your skin.

Affordable Luxury: Your Style, Your Budget

We believe that self expression shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. With Wild&Mild, find your  signature look without stretching your budget. Dive into our treasure trove of  shades and finishes – from the glitziest glitters to the most understated mattes. Go  ahead, switch up your style to match your mood, the occasion, or just because you  can!

The Perfect Shade: Moments Made Colorful

Life is a kaleidoscope of  moments – some loud, some quiet, all memorable. Wild&Mild is here to color  those moments. Choose a bright, bold red for those days when you feel  unstoppable, or a soft, serene pink for when you need a whisper of calm. Let our  colors be your faithful companions through every smile, every tear, every triumph.

Unique Like You: Celebrating Individuality

In a world that often rushes  us to fit in, Wild&Mild encourages you to stand out. Embrace your quirks, your  moods, your dreams. With a spectrum of colors as unique as you are, we celebrate  every aspect of your personality. Whether you’re feeling playful, powerful, or  peaceful, there’s a Wild&Mild color that’s just your type.

Moods in Color: Wear Your Heart on Your Nails

Your nails are a canvas  for your feelings, and at Wild&Mild, we provide the palette. Our shades are more  than just colors – they’re a form of expression. They can shout with joy, whisper  with nostalgia, or sing with passion. What mood are you in today? Let’s find the  color that speaks it out loud. 

Join the Wild&Mild community, where your unique beauty story is celebrated. Your  beauty is your canvas, your colors, your mood, and your choice. Explore,  experiment, and embrace both your wild and mild sides with Wild&Mild, where  your beauty shines in its own unique way.