Immerse yourself in the enchanting hues of Wild&Mild’s “Arctic Halo” collection, featuring 6 dazzling nail polishes with mesmerizing dazzle effects. “Frozensation” captivates with its icy blue-green charm, reminiscent of frosty landscapes. “Winter Wonderland” offers a serene golden-green glow, evoking sunlit snowscapes. “Icy-licious” sparkles like morning frost on a cold winter day. “Melting Memories” brings nostalgic warmth with its soft blend of purple and pink. “Easy Breezy” exudes regal elegance in a delicate pink hue, while “Freezing Point” offers inviting sophistication with its pearly beige tones. Together, these shades create a captivating canvas of frost-kissed charm, celebrating the beauty of the season on your fingertips.




Immerse yourself in the cozy hues of Wild&Mild’s “Autumn Aura” collection, featuring 6 stunning gel effect nail polishes that embody the essence of fall. “Fading Hope” offers a serene gray, perfect for any occasion, while “Night Sky” brings the mystery of midnight to your fingertips with its deep blue allure. “Vitaminute” invigorates with its rich dark green, reminiscent of lush forests, and “Burgundy Bouquet” exudes sophistication with its deep reddish-brown tones. “Bikini Couture” makes a bold statement with its fiery red hue, while “In a Lily Bit” adds a touch of vintage elegance with its old pink undertones. With their enduring gel effect finish, these shades ensure a long-lasting, glossy look, capturing the timeless charm of autumn on your nails.



Immerse yourself in the vibrant tones of Wild&Mild’s “Bikini Breeze” matte effect nail polish collection, featuring 6 captivating shades that transport you to tropical bliss. “Island Delight” introduces a luminous light yellow reminiscent of carefree beach days, while “Aruba & Jamaica” captures the verdant green of tropical landscapes. “Sanity” drifts you away to serene waters with its delicate light blue, and “Blind Date” unveils a touch of mystery with its captivating blend of light purple, blue, and grey. “Take a Hint” adds subtle elegance with its fusion of light pink and delicate lilac undertones, and “Martini & Me” offers comforting warmth with its light pink hue. With their enduring matte finish, these shades ensure a timeless and sophisticated look, bringing the essence of island paradise to your fingertips.



Indulge in the captivating allure of Wild&Mild’s “Cinnamon Spice” gel effect nail polish collection, featuring 6 rich shades that evoke the warmth and coziness of autumn. “Drama Queen” dazzles with a glossy dark green infused with golden-yellow sparkles, while “The Modernista” exudes contemporary elegance with its pearly brown hue accented by red-brownish sparks. “Magical Mantras” offers timeless sophistication with a lighter brown reminiscent of rich brownies. “Free your Chakras” brings grounding and balance with a captivating darker nude shade. “Magic Island” transports you to an enchanted realm with its beige hue and delicate sparkles. Lastly, “Stardust” captures the whimsy of unicorns with its glossy white hue adorned with shimmering sparkles. Embrace the cozy charm of autumn with these long-lasting, gel effect shades.



Immerse yourself in the delectable world of Wild&Mild’s “Cupcake Couture” matte effect nail polish collection, boasting 6 delightful shades that evoke the sweetness of indulgent treats. “Cherry Bomb” ignites with a vibrant cherry red, while “Sweet Cheeks” blushes with a soft, charming pink. “Lady Lollipop” bursts forth in a cheerful yellow, and “Candied Apples” brings forth nostalgic green vibes. “Mulberry Cake” tempts with a luscious purple, and “Choco-Holic” indulges in velvety chocolate brownie hues. With their enduring matte finish, these shades ensure a sophisticated and deliciously stylish look, celebrating the whimsy and sweetness of cupcakes on your fingertips.



Dive into the glamour with Wild&Mild’s “Glam Squad” dazzle effect nail polish collection, featuring six spellbinding shades that sparkle with the essence of the universe. “Interstellar” brings the night sky to your fingertips with its pearly grey and subtle black undertones. “The Wild One” captures the spirit of the forest with an intensely dazzling pearly green. “One Voice” mirrors the ocean’s depths with a captivating pearly blue tinged with green. “The Dominator” exudes regal charm with its commanding pearly lilac purple. “Passion Spirit” radiates with a vibrant, pearly pure red, and “Dangerous Dolly” entices with a fiery pearly red with orange undertones. Each polish in this collection ensures your nails are always dressed in the ultimate glamour and elegance, reflecting the dazzling beauty of the cosmos.



Step into the romantic allure of Wild&Mild’s “Love & Lace” gel effect nail polish collection, showcasing six captivating shades that embody the essence of love and elegance. “Mocha Magic” wraps your nails in the warm embrace of velvety brown, reminiscent of a comforting mocha. “Silky Milky” offers a touch of creamy sophistication with its soft taupe, infused with a hint of lavender. “Flawless” presents a dreamy nude pink, evoking the softness of cotton candy clouds. “Stardust” dazzles with the whimsical magic of shimmering sparkles in a translucent white, transporting you to a realm of fantasy. “Little Miss” captures the innocence of classic light pink, elevated with a delicate sparkle for a touch of elegance. “Fairy Tale” enchants with a glossy blend of grey and light purple, reminiscent of mystical stories. Each gel effect polish in this collection promises a long-lasting, glossy finish, allowing your nails to reflect the timeless beauty of love and lace.



Step into a world of tranquility and balance with Wild&Mild’s “Namaste” gel effect nail polish collection, featuring six serene shades inspired by the essence of mindfulness and inner peace. “Infinite Oasis” envelops your nails in the calming hue of clear, baby blue, reminiscent of a serene oasis. “True Bliss” graces your fingertips with a light olive touched by subtle beige, embodying natural elegance. “Peaceful Balance” offers a soothing nude light beige with a hint of grey, for a harmonious and sophisticated look. “Simply Stretch” captures the warmth of sun-kissed sand with its nude yellow tone, bringing tranquil vibes. “Free your Chakras” grounds your style with a darker nude, blending beige and brown for a balanced and calming effect. “Sun Salutation” brightens your day with a cheerful pink and a hint of beige-orange, reminiscent of a sunny day’s warm glow. Each polish in this collection ensures a glossy, long-lasting finish, inviting your nails to partake in the harmonious beauty of the “Namaste” experience.



Dive into the playful spirit of summer with Wild&Mild’s “Pastel Paradise” gel effect nail polish collection, offering six lighthearted shades that encapsulate the joy and brightness of the season. “Malibu” paints your nails in the exuberant hue of hot pink, reflecting the vibrant life of California’s sun-drenched beaches. “Strawberry Mojito” softens your look with a gentle light pink, reminiscent of the delicate glow of summer sunsets. “That’s so beachy” brings the cheerful radiance of light yellow to your fingertips, echoing the bliss of sunny days spent by the sea. “Blue Hawaii” cools your palette with a very light baby blue, transporting you to the serene beaches of a tropical island. “Sea Breeze” merges the tranquility of baby blue with a hint of refreshing blueberry, inviting the calm of the ocean’s embrace. “Freedom of Beach” concludes the collection with a bold lavender, mirroring the peaceful beauty of the beach at dusk. Each polish in this collection promises a glossy, gel-effect finish, ensuring your nails are adorned with the playful and serene beauty of summer’s pastel paradise.



Step into the lush radiance of Wild&Mild’s “Peony Power” gel effect nail polish collection. This collection unfolds with six shades, each blossoming with the vibrancy and grace of a peony garden in full bloom. “Flawless” whispers the softness of nude pink, reminiscent of the gentle hue of dawn. “Silky Milky” flows with a velvety taupe, touched by the whisper of lavender, offering a sip of creamy sophistication. “Last Bud Not Least” reveals the tender elegance of nude beige, echoing the first blush of a peony bud. “Flower Power” deepens into a tranquil purple, mirroring the serene beauty of twilight petals. “Burgundy Bouquet” enriches with a deep reddish-brown, evoking the luxurious warmth of a burgundy embrace. “Bikini Couture” ignites with the bold and fiery passion of classic red, capturing the essence of peony’s heart. Each shade ensures a glossy, gel-effect finish, enveloping your nails in the enduring allure of peony’s timeless elegance, promising a manicure that blooms with sophistication and style.



Dive into the vibrant essence of Wild&Mild’s “Pink Mania” gel effect nail polish collection, a palette of six shades that celebrate the dynamic beauty of pink. “Stardust” brings to life the fantasy of shimmering sparkles on a translucent white, reminiscent of celestial dreams. “Little Miss” offers the sweetness of glossy, pearly light pink, touched with a sparkle of innocence. “City is Mine” captures the boldness of glossy red, reflecting the vibrant energy of city life. “Sun Exposed” stands out with its fiery blend of red and hot pink, a testament to passion and vibrancy. “Malibu” evokes the fun of summer with its lively hot pink hue, while “Bubblegum” delights with the nostalgic playfulness of soft, light pink. Each shade in the “Pink Mania” collection ensures a long-lasting, glossy finish, making your nails a celebration of pink’s versatile charm, from ethereal to electrifying.



Step into the reflective elegance of Wild&Mild’s “Study Break” chrome effect nail polish collection, a spectrum of six shades that transform your nails into a captivating escape. “Magic Moment” unveils the dreamy allure of light green, shimmering with the mystery of a hidden gem. “4-give Me” cools the senses with its icy blue hue, reminiscent of a serene winter’s night. “Angel Delight” captures the celestial beauty of silver, offering a mirror-like brilliance that’s purely divine. “Rise & Shine” awakens with its soft pink glow, echoing the serene promise of dawn. “Feministry” blends the grace of lilac with a whisper of pink, reflecting the dusk’s gentle radiance. “Attraction” mesmerizes with its lilac hue tinged with an enigmatic blue, drawing in admiration and intrigue. Each polish in the “Study Break” collection promises a glossy, chrome effect finish, making your nails a reflective haven of calm and sophistication, from ethereal glimmers to serene shines.



Dive into the rejuvenating depths of Wild&Mild’s “Vitamin Sea” gel effect nail polish collection, a vibrant palette of six shades that capture the essence of the sea’s boundless energy and the sun’s radiant glow. “Sun Exposed” bursts onto the scene with a vibrant red, infused with hot pink undertones, reminiscent of a fiery sunset. “Chill, Bill!” offers the classic elegance of sophisticated red, echoing the timeless allure of a seaside escapade. “Daily Dose of Fun” brings a splash of playful orange, vibrant as a tropical sunrise. “Fuel from the Sun” shines with a cheerful yellow, capturing the essence of sun-drenched days. “Fruity Detox” refreshes with a luscious green, reminiscent of lush coastal foliage. “Drop of Sea” cools with a serene blue, evoking the tranquil beauty of ocean depths. Each shade in the “Vitamin Sea” collection ensures a long-lasting, glossy finish, inviting your nails to embark on a journey of color and vibrancy, where every stroke is a wave of refreshment and allure.



Discover the serene beauty of Wild&Mild’s “Dreamy Delight” gel effect nail polish collection, a curated set of six polishes that embody tranquility and sophistication. This collection includes “Aqua Breeze,” a serene blue that captures the essence of tranquil waters; “Lavender Bliss,” a soft purple with a silvery sheen reminiscent of twilight in a lavender field; “Silky Milky,” a creamy taupe touched with lavender for an elegantly polished look; “Bubblegum,” a playful light pink that evokes sweet nostalgia; “Mocha Magic,” a deep, velvety brown inspired by the warmth of espresso; and “Vanilla Bean Delight,” a rich beige that channels the comforting warmth of vanilla. Each of the six polishes in the “Dreamy Delight” collection promises a long-lasting, glossy gel effect finish, transforming your nails into a canvas of tranquil elegance and whimsical charm with every brushstroke.



Explore the vibrant essence of Wild&Mild’s “Tropical Whispers” gel effect nail polish collection, a carefully selected array of six polishes that transport you to an exotic paradise. This collection features “Raspberry Sorbet,” a radiant pink bursting with the joy of summer; “Mango Tango,” a lively mix of peach and coral, capturing the essence of tropical sunsets; “Dreamy Tangerine,” a soft orange that whispers the calm of dawn in a citrus grove; “Frosted Lemonade,” a muted yellow with golden shimmer, like sunlight through a refreshing drink; “Pale Pistachio,” a serene green with a hint of earthiness, reflecting nature’s quiet beauty; and “Delicate Sherbet,” a soft grey-blue with a refreshing mint undertone, evoking the coolness of a tranquil sea. Each polish in the “Tropical Whispers” collection ensures a glossy, gel effect finish, turning your nails into a vibrant showcase of tropical allure and playful elegance with every stroke.



Venture into the enigmatic allure of Wild&Mild’s “Witching Hour” paranormal effect nail polish collection, an intriguing selection of six polishes that beckon you into a world of mystique and color-shifting magic. This collection unveils “Anxiety Treasure,” a mysterious purple that transforms into an enthralling blue, capturing the depths of the unknown. “The Full Moon” reveals a mystical dance between bewitching blue and dreamy lilac, reminiscent of a moonlit enchantment. “Rich Witch” casts a luxurious spell, shifting from golden hues to radiant yellow and lush green, echoing the treasures of a mystical forest. “Creepy Mind” explores the shadowy realm with its dark green to captivating brown transition, evoking the thrill of the eerie unknown. “Supernatural” defies the ordinary with its mesmerizing brown, shifting subtly to unveil its hidden depths. “Spiritual Healing” offers a profound, darker red that morphs under different lights, embodying the transformative power of the mystical. Each polish in the “Witching Hour” collection promises a glossy, paranormal effect finish, transforming your nails into a canvas of captivating beauty and supernatural intrigue with every brushstroke.

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