Gel polish nails at home

UV curable gel polish gives a salon-like professional quality look and durable wear with easy application and easy soak-off removal.

UV Gel

Long-lasting and durable finish

UV gel polish can last for up to two weeks or more without chipping or peeling, compared to regular nail polish. The curing process creates a bond between the gel polish and the natural nail, making it more resistant to chips and breaks.

3-step system with LED curable gel polish

As easy as applying regular nail polish, but needs to be cured with UV light after each coat to ensure smooth and even finish and helps to prevent smudging or streaking.

Vegan – Cruelty free – Safe formulation

Manufactured in a state of the art factory and following the modern standards of cosmetics regulations the product is safe to use and does not harm your natural nails. Does not contain HEMA/di-HEMA and Hydroquinone.

Eyecatching results

Long-lasting (up to 2 weeks) nail enhancement that won’t damage your natural nails. Super shiny finish with no-wipe to coat.

  • Long wear and natural looking shine

    Average wear time reaches 13,6 days when applied properly. Wild&Mild uv gel polish leaves a natural looking shine.

  • Prolonged wear with extra protection

    Wild&Mild UV base & top coats are integral part of gel polish 3 step system and help to protect your natural nail plate from external damages and top coats protective layes adds extra shine while prolonging wear time.

  • Only 60 sec LED curing time

    Quickly cure the gel with minimum of 60 seconds under UV LED. The curing time depends on the thickness of the acrylic gel applied.

  • Non-toxic formula

    Free of harmful ingredeients (Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phtalate, Toluene, Lead, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens, Champor, Formaldehyde resin) and suitable for non-professional home users. Does not contain HEMA/di-HEMA and Hydroquinone.

  • Easily removable, soak-off or file-off

    Gel polish can simply be removed by using soaking technique. Soak your gel polish nails in acetone and then scrape it off.

  • Vegan and cruelty-free

    Almost needless to say, but no animal testing and no animal-derived ingredients are used in the production of our products.

UV Gel


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Popular choice for both professional and at-home manicures because of its simplicity with application and removal together with wide range of colours available.


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