Empower Your Nails

Unlock the secret to resilient, luminous nails. Explore our dedicated range of nail care essentials, from revitalizing oils to potent strengtheners, each formulated to restore health and unveil the natural beauty of your nails. Embrace our specialized treatments and discover your nails’ true potential.

Tailored Nail Care Solutions

Revitalizing Oils

Infused with nourishing ingredients, our oils penetrate deeply to hydrate and rejuvenate. Perfect for daily use, they ensure your nails and cuticles stay supple and strong.

Potent Nail Strengtheners

Say goodbye to brittle nails. Our strengtheners are enriched with vitamins and minerals, designed to fortify your nails from the inside out, preventing breakage and promoting growth.

Restorative Treatments for Damaged Nails

Our treatments are a lifeline for damaged nails, offering everything from intensive hydration to repair. Loaded with vitamins, these products target issues at their source, revitalizing and restoring nails to their natural beauty.

Safe, Effective, and Kind

Every product in our nail care line is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without harsh chemicals. We prioritize your health and the planet’s wellbeing, ensuring a guilt-free beauty routine.

  • Comprehensive Care for All Nail Types

    Whether you’re looking to maintain healthy nails or rescue damaged ones, our range offers a targeted solution for every need.

  • Sustainability at Heart

    We are committed to both your nail health and the planet’s well-being, reflected in our eco-conscious practices

  • Easy to Use

    Our products are designed for convenience and ease of use, fitting seamlessly into your beauty routine and offering professional-grade results.


Beyond Surface-Level Care At Wild&Mild, we believe in beauty that blooms from within. Our nail care collection goes beyond aesthetics, offering deep, transformative treatments that nourish, protect, and strengthen. Dive into our world of conscientious nail care and witness the difference—where every product is a step towards healthier, more beautiful nails. Choose our expertly formulated oils, strengtheners, and treatments for a regimen that’s as kind to your nails as it is to the earth.

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