Acrylgel 15g, Ballet

Acrylgel 15g, Ballet

5.95 (inc.Vat)

Stronger, lighter and more flexible than standard acrylic nails
Ready for use – no mixing of monomers required
60 second LED lamp cure time
Ready for use – no mixing of monomers required
Lasts up to 4 weeks
No odor and smell
No airborne dust when filing
For both amateurs and professionals
Flexible – play with the products as long as needed, only hardens under uv led light.
Suitable for use as nail extensions or natural nail fortification

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Hybrid nail enhancement formula to create professional looking nail extensions right at home. Save time and money… and have fun time with friends by creating thousands of different designs and shapes of nail extensions. Lighter and more durable than traditional salon acrylic extensions and safe to use at home.


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