UV LED lamp 6W, 60s/120s

UV LED lamp 6W, 60s/120s

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Wild&Mild UV LED lamp 

Our USB-powered LED lamp is your ticket to professional-quality nails at home. Cure all four fingers at once, and make your nail care routine a breeze. Get salon results in minutes!
Elevate your home nail game with the Wild&Mild UV LED Lamp.
Key Features:
  • Supportive Legs: Our UV LED Lamp comes equipped with support legs for convenient and stable use. Say goodbye to awkward angles and enjoy a comfortable manicure experience.
  • USB-Powered: The included USB cable ensures easy and accessible power. Plug it into your preferred USB port and get ready to create stunning nails.
  • Efficiency Redefined: This lamp can work on four fingers at a time, allowing you to complete your gel polish or acrylgel application swiftly and efficiently.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to cure all types of gel polish and acrylgel, our UV LED Lamp is a versatile tool that helps you achieve professional results at home.
  • Timer Options: Choose between 60-second and 120-second timers to accommodate your specific curing needs.
  • Fast and Safe: With the ability to cure gel coatings in as little as 30 seconds, our UV LED Lamp is both fast and safe. LED lamps are known for their effectiveness in curing gel polish and acrylgel, making your manicure experience efficient and hassle-free.
  • Turn Your Home Into a Nail Salon: Why go to a nail salon when you can bring the salon to your home? Set up the Wild&Mild UV LED Lamp on your table, and you’re ready to embark on a professional-grade gel polish session.
  • Achieve Record Time Results: By curing four fingers at a time, you’ll be setting your own records for efficiency and speed, all from the comfort of your home.
Experience the Best: Join the ranks of those who trust LED lamps as the preferred method for curing gel polish and acrylgel. Elevate your nail care routine with Wild&Mild’s UV LED Lamp 6W – 60s/120s, and experience the difference today.
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