Eden Blossom, WM086


Eden Blossom, WM086

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Wild&Mild Eden Blossom Luxe Nails Kit: Flourish in Floral Elegance

Enter a serene garden of style with the Wild&Mild “Eden Blossom” Luxe Nails Kit, a collection that invites your nails to bloom with beauty. This set embodies the essence of a tranquil Eden, with delicate floral patterns that evoke the freshness of spring and the tranquility of nature’s most exquisite creations.

Key Features:

  • Botanical Artistry: The “Eden Blossom” nails feature a graceful blend of floral designs against a soft, pastel background, reminiscent of a peaceful stroll through a blooming garden.
  • Harmonious Hues: Soft greens, tender peaches, and lilac tones intermingle across the nails, offering a palette that’s as soothing as it is sophisticated.
  • Garden of Delights Kit: The kit comes complete with 24 nails, a nail file for perfect shaping, adhesive glue for secure placement, and an orange wood stick for gentle cuticle care, providing everything needed for a serene nail makeover.
  • Seamless Application & Gentle Removal: Crafted for ease and tranquility, the nails are designed for a smooth application and kind removal, preserving the natural state of your nails like the delicate petals of a flower.
  • A Size for Every Bloom: With 12 sizes to choose from, each nail in the “Eden Blossom” kit ensures a fit as perfect as nature intended, offering a custom look for every hand.
In the picture, the “Eden Blossom” Luxe Nails Kit showcases an array of soft square-shaped nails, each one a miniature canvas of art. Some nails are adorned with intricate floral patterns that bring to mind the subtle beauty of wildflowers, while others are graced with a touch of gold that traces the curves of unseen blossoms. The overall effect is one of understated elegance and natural charm, inviting wearers to express their love for nature’s boundless beauty through their manicure. Whether dressing up for a springtime event or seeking to add a floral touch to everyday fashion, the “Eden Blossom” set is a celebration of the everlasting allure of flowers.
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