Moon Queen, WM082


Moon Queen, WM082

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Wild&Mild Moon Queen Luxe Nails Kit: Embrace the Celestial Elegance

Ascend to a realm of elegance with the Wild&Mild “Moon Queen” Luxe Nails Kit. Adorn your fingertips with these almond-shaped nails that exude a regal charm befitting a lunar sovereign. Each nail is a tribute to sophistication, with designs that reflect the ethereal beauty of a moonlit sky.

Key Features:

  • Lunar-Inspired Elegance: The “Moon Queen” nails captivate with their refined aesthetic, featuring a palette that combines the softness of a moonlit blush with the mystique of shadowy contours.
  • Almond Shape for Graceful Hands: Fashioned into an almond shape, these nails are crafted to lengthen and flatter your natural finger shape, evoking the graceful silhouette of a celestial crescent.
  • Elegant Assortment: This opulent kit includes 24 nails that celebrate lunar elegance, a nail file to sculpt your perfect fit, adhesive glue for a steadfast bond, and an orange wood stick to ensure your cuticles are as neat as the night sky is clear.
  • Simplistic Application & Kind Removal: Created for those who yearn for beauty akin to the moon’s own allure, our nails offer an application and removal process that’s as gentle as moonlight, safeguarding the underlying health of your natural nails.
  • Diverse Sizes for a Royal Fit: With an array of 12 sizes, the “Moon Queen” nails promise a perfect fit for every finger, ensuring that your manicure is as unique and majestic as the moon itself.
The “Moon Queen” set in the image presents an array of almond-shaped nails that carry a dignified elegance with a color scheme of muted pinks and shimmering accents. Some nails are a soft, dusky pink, suggesting the delicate colors of a twilight sky, while others display an intricate, glittery design that might remind one of the twinkling stars accompanying the moon. Each nail is a testament to the quiet power of nighttime beauty, perfect for those who want to envelop their hands in the serene and powerful grace of the nocturnal heavens.
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