Pinky Promise, WM062


Pinky Promise, WM062

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Wild&Mild Pinky Promise Classy Nails Kit: Grace Your Hands with Poised Perfection

Introducing the Wild&Mild “Pinky Promise” Classy Nails Kit – your pledge to timeless grace and poise. Immerse in the soft elegance of these ballerina-shaped nails, each one crafted to offer you a touch of romantic sophistication with an alluring soft pink hue that whispers genteel charm.

Key Features:

  • Soft Pink Elegance: The “Pinky Promise” nails are bathed in an elegant soft pink, perfect for imparting a touch of femininity and warmth to your hands. The refined ballerina shape, reminiscent of a ballet dancer’s slippers, adds a contemporary flair to the classic beauty.
  • All-Encompassing Kit: This comprehensive kit is equipped with 24 soft pink, ballerina-shaped nails, a fine-grit nail file for seamless shaping, robust adhesive glue for enduring wear, and an orange wood stick for immaculate cuticle care.
  • Simple Application & Safe Removal: Our “Pinky Promise” nails are fashioned for convenience – apply effortlessly and remove safely, ensuring your natural nails remain healthy and unharmed.
  • Diverse Sizes for a Custom Fit: With an assortment of 12 sizes, the 24 nails provided ensure a personalized fit for each finger, ensuring your manicure looks naturally your own, only better.
Embrace the allure of the Wild&Mild Pinky Promise Classy Nails Kit, and let your hands express a silent vow to always stay chic and poised. Whether you’re signing off on a project or raising a toast, these soft pink, ballerina-shaped nails serve as a testament to your commitment to style and grace. With every gesture, showcase a manicure that symbolizes a promise to sophistication, delivered with the utmost convenience and care.
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Indulge in a carefree week of consistent style with Wild&Mild Artificial Nails. Whether you desire elongated, slender, funky, or a natural nail look, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove artificial nails come in a variety of shapes and designs. After applying, let your creativity flow by coloring them with your favorite Wild&Mild shades.



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