Pimp Your Tips, WM068


Pimp Your Tips, WM068

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Wild&Mild Pimp Your Tips Classy Nails Kit: Bold Expression Meets Sleek Precision

Unleash a bold statement with the Wild&Mild “Pimp Your Tips” Classy Nails Kit. Crafted for the daring at heart, this set features almond-shaped nails that serve as a canvas for the striking interplay of black and light yellow designs on the tips, perfect for those who wish to add an edgy yet sophisticated twist to their look.

Key Features:

  • Daring Tip Design: Stand out with “Pimp Your Tips” nails, featuring a dynamic contrast of black and light yellow designs at each tip, setting the stage for a manicure that’s as bold as it is refined.
  • Almond Silhouette: The alluring almond shape of these nails offers a natural, yet distinctly modern look, elongating the fingers with its sleek and tapered form.
  • Comprehensive Nail Ensemble: Complete with 24 decorated nails, this kit also provides you with a nail file for custom shaping, high-quality adhesive glue for a reliable hold, and an orange wood stick for pristine cuticle preparation.
  • Effortless Wear & Gentle Removal: Designed for style enthusiasts on the go, our nails ensure an easy application and a non-damaging removal process, keeping your natural nails in top condition.
  • Perfectly Sized for All: Our selection includes 12 sizes, allowing you to find the ideal fit for each finger. The 24 nails in the set guarantee a seamless look that complements your unique hand shape.
The Wild&Mild Pimp Your Tips Classy Nails Kit is a tribute to those who carry their confidence on their fingertips. Whether it’s a casual day out or a glamorous evening event, these nails are your accomplices in crafting an unforgettable impression. So go ahead, adorn your hands with a design that speaks volumes of your vibrant personality and step into a world where your tips do the talking.
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Indulge in a carefree week of consistent style with Wild&Mild Artificial Nails. Whether you desire elongated, slender, funky, or a natural nail look, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove artificial nails come in a variety of shapes and designs. After applying, let your creativity flow by coloring them with your favorite Wild&Mild shades.



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