Chic `N Charme , WM083


Chic `N Charme , WM083

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Wild&Mild Chic ‘N Charme Luxe Nails Kit: Exquisite Allure at Your Fingertips

Dress your nails in the sophistication of the Wild&Mild “Chic ‘N Charme” Luxe Nails Kit, a collection that epitomizes elegance with an almond-shaped silhouette. Each nail in this set is designed to enchant, featuring a delicate dance between understated chic and mesmerizing charm.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated Almond Shape: The nails are carved into an almond shape, renowned for its ability to impart a slender look to the fingers, evoking a sense of refined allure.
  • Elegant Design Palette: The “Chic ‘N Charme” collection boasts a luxurious array of designs, with nails donning a warm nude base adorned by golden swirls that suggest a subtle opulence.
  • Complete Nail Artistry Kit: Within this kit, find 24 decorated nails, a high-quality nail file for custom fitting, robust adhesive glue for a secure and lasting hold, and an orange wood stick for gentle cuticle care.
  • Simple Yet Sophisticated Application & Removal: The set is crafted for ease, ensuring the application and removal process is as smooth and gentle as the nails’ own design, maintaining the integrity of your natural nails.
  • Tailored Fit for Unmatched Elegance: Twelve different sizes are provided, ensuring that each of your fingers is graced with a nail that fits impeccably, just like a bespoke piece of haute couture.
In the image, the “Chic ‘N Charme” nails are presented as the very definition of elegance. The nails alternate between a pure, creamy nude and others detailed with golden embellishments, creating a swirling, marbled effect that is both subtle and striking. This combination captures a luxurious aesthetic, ideal for those who appreciate a manicure that’s both a fashion statement and a whisper of grace. Whether for a formal event or a regular day imbued with extra elegance, the “Chic ‘N Charme” set is your companion for a look that is timelessly chic.
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Indulge in a carefree week of consistent style with Wild&Mild Artificial Nails. Whether you desire elongated, slender, funky, or a natural nail look, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove artificial nails come in a variety of shapes and designs. After applying, let your creativity flow by coloring them with your favorite Wild&Mild shades.



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