Limestone Influences Nail Polish Set, 61979


Limestone Influences Nail Polish Set, 61979

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Wild&Mild Limestone Influences Nail Polish Set, 5x12ml

Experience the earthy charm of the “Limestone Influences” nail polish set from Wild&Mild. This exquisite collection draws inspiration from the serene qualities of limestone, presenting five unique pastel shades, each with a distinctive stone-like finish that mimics the mineral’s natural texture. These polishes are designed to elevate your nail art, turning your nails into canvases of sophisticated, natural beauty. Embrace the trend-setting potential of these shades and make a statement with your manicure by indulging in the tranquil and chic “Limestone Influences” set. Perfect for any occasion, these polishes offer a touch of nature’s majesty and are a must-have for any fashion-forward nail enthusiast.


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Introducing Wild&Mild’s “Limestone Influences” nail polish set. Inspired by the natural beauty of limestone, this collection features five pastel shades with a unique stone-like finish. Each color transforms your nails into a masterpiece of tranquil elegance, perfect for those who appreciate the understated beauty of nature.


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