Mystery Nail Polish Set “Mild”, 64239


Mystery Nail Polish Set “Mild”, 64239

9.99 (inc.Vat)

Wild&Mild Mystery Nail Polish Set “Mild”, 12x12ml

The ‘Mild’ Mystery Nail Polish Set is your gateway to a world of soft, classic shades that epitomize elegance. Featuring 12 randomly selected nail polishes, this set is a tribute to timeless beauty, offering colors that range from soft pastels to warm neutrals. Each shade is chosen to provide a touch of sophistication and enhance your natural style. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or seeking a refined look for daily wear, these light and classic polishes will provide the perfect finish.
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Embrace the understated beauty of our ‘Mild’ Mystery Nail Polish Set. This carefully curated collection includes 12 randomly chosen nail polishes, perfect for those who appreciate classic elegance and a softer color palette. Ideal for everyday wear or sophisticated events, each polish in the set delivers a gentle splash of color that enhances natural beauty without overwhelming. Dive into the subtle nuances of this set and find timeless shades that will become staples in your nail polish collection.


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